For Fall 2021, I am teaching Math 4707: Introduction to Combinatorics and Graph Theory and Math 4242: Applied Linear Algebra at UMN.

I have been an instructor or teaching assistant for a number of undergraduate or early graduate courses at Cornell. I have also been an course designer, instructor, and project mentor for the Ithaca High School math seminar. In summer 2014, I was a visiting mentor at the Canada/USA Mathcamp.

Past Courses

  • Manifolds and Differential Forms, TA, Fall 19

  • Introduction to Combinatorics, TA, Spring 19

  • Graduate Differentiable Manifolds, TA, Fall 18, Fall 17

  • Linear Algebra for Engineers, TA, Spring 18, Fall 13

  • Differential Geometry, TA, Spring 17

  • Theoretical Calculus and Linear Algebra, TA, Fall 16

  • Applicable Algebra, TA, Spring 16

  • Calculus I, Instructor, Fall 15

  • Computational Algebra, TA, Spring 15, Spring 14

  • Calculus II, TA, Fall 14